Become the first web3 investor into our public seed-round for Valorien.

Meet the inhabitants of Valor

Exclusive access to Valorien's Genesis Pass

The Valorien Genesis Pass gives you access to various exclusive benefits as one of our seed-round investors. These benefits include:

Read the Whitepaper of Valorien

Learn the ins and outs about everything Valorien. The genesis & primary collection, something you don’t want to miss out on.

The story of the inhabitants of Valor, the Valorien's

The Valorien’s tells a story about 3,333 individuals who were forced to flee their homes from “The Surge” back on homeplanet Valor.

The Valorien’s are now on a mission to rebuild what was lost and to seek refugee in the metaverse.

The road ahead for Valorien

Read the carefully crafted roadmap for Valorien Genesis & Primary collection.

Completed: May 2022

Community Launch

We will launch all our social platforms to start building up our community. We have done this before, and we can do it again! Head over to our discord and start your journey. Gain new friends and simply have a great time. Giveaways, games and events will happen weekly. Enjoy the most welcoming team members and take part in an amazing journey of art, story and love.
Completed: May 2022
Sold out: May 1st, 2022

Alpha Mint

Supply: 50

If you are so lucky to find us early you will be one of the first ones to grab the OG role in discord. With this role you will get the chance of participating in the alpha mint purely to be a part and support the project early on. All who mints the alpha mint will get free mint on the GENESIS PASS + direct team chat group in discord for future planning.
Sold out: May 1st, 2022
Coming: June 2022

Genesis Mint

Supply: 500 (Reserved: 50)

The Valorien Genesis Pass gives you access to various exclusive benefits as one of our seed-round investors. These benefits include:
  • 50% lifetime royalties of Valorien
  • 10% of mint revenue from Valorien
  • Free airdrop of one Valorien NFT
  • Access to Valorien Genesis DAO
Our genesis collection will now have the supply of 500 together with the Alpha mint.
Coming: June 2022
Coming: July 2022

Primary Mint

Supply: 3333 (Reserved: 500)

The remaining supply for our primary (Valorien) collection is 2833.
More information about the Primary mint will be announced.
Coming: July 2022
Coming: Q3 2022

Staking and Marketplace

You will be able to stake your NFT to receive $VAL that will be our Valorien currency. $VAL can be spent on our marketplace to purchase WL spots from future collabs, merch and more to come!
Coming: Q3 2022
Coming: Q4 20222023

Comic Book

We will reveal the story behinde "The Surge" and what really happened on Valor before the Valorien's came here. This story will launch in form of a comic book made by our amazing artist. Holders of a Valorien NFT will be able to view this story online by connecting their wallet.
Coming: Q4 20222023
Coming: 2023

Those who where forgotten

Valorien's will decide who to rescue...
Coming: 2023

The team behind it all


Artist & Designer
Incredible artist, comic-book maker. Has 6 years with drawing, painting and artwork sales.


Project Founder
Founder, Developer and blockchain expert. Has 5 years experience from working with GIS systems, project planning and general programming


Community Administrator
Community helper, admin. Has 4 years experience in sales and marketing.



Senior Cyber Security Engineer working for the Department of Defense focused on implementing and designing secure Architecture.


Marketing Manager

Worked with several NFT projects, specialized around discord marketing.


Marketing Manager

Specialized in social media marketing, discord setup and NFT advising.

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